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Welcome to FitStyle Custom Design! We are a small, family-run business with a big passion for sports, nature, and just getting outside to be active together. We love taking walks, going on bike rides, and playing in the parks near our home in Republic, Missouri. It’s our mission to bring eye-catching designs and high-quality products to your closet that inspire you to get up and move.

When we talked about our dreams for this company at the dinner table, we found ourselves recounting our favorite t-shirt designs over the years and describing the invincible feeling of running in the best gear that moves with you and doesn’t drag you down. Amidst the laughter, we all agreed that it comes down to our preference for both customization and quality.

Every item in our shop is hand-picked by our family team and we are always on the hunt for high quality, interesting products, and designs to add to our inventory. Our family is bursting with artistic talent and passion that we put right back into FitStyle. In addition to shopping our pre-designed inventory, we give you full control with complete customization and package design options.

Living an active, fit life takes dedication, hard work, and determination. When it’s dark and rainy, we don’t always want to get up early and go out to run. There’s something inspiring, special, and personal about putting on gear that’s made just for you. Wearing a t-shirt with your warrior motto can make you feel empowered. Stepping up to the weights in a funny workout tank can lighten difficult moments. Drinking from a water bottle with the date of your fitness goal milestone can inspire you to keep going when you want to give up.

At FitStyle Custom Design, we believe in the power of athletic clothing and accessories to amplify your fitness journey and inspire others to step out and be active along the way.

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